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At a time when fewer and fewer people are going through travel agencies to book their personal stays, companies are beginning to think they can do the same for their seminars and business trips.
Only, create a business event, a business trip, it’s a real job!

Contrary to popular belief, agencies organizing events (seminars, incentives, product launch party, conventions, conventions, team-building …) do not spend their days between pomp and glitz! Our job has also been recognized as one of the 10 trades where we are bored the least! An entire program !

Here are 10 good reasons to choose an agency to prepare your events and your business trips:

1. You enjoy its originality …
An event agency must always be aware of the latest trends and propose innovative and avant-garde activities to its customers.

2. and its expertise
A business travel agency has many contacts and is strong proposal. She is able through your request to find the ideal interlocutors who will meet your desires and expectations. The agency works with trusted providers who will contribute to the success of your event with no surprises.

3. You create a relationship of trust with your interlocutor
It is not always easy to put your project in the hands of a person outside the company but thanks to the agency you meet an expert person in the creation of event that will follow your project from the beginning to the realization .

4. You develop an event to your image
Thanks to all these qualities, the event project manager will listen to your request and especially will measure the message you want to pass. He will make the event stick to the image of your company and will always be available if you have remarks or advice during the organization of your event.

5. You are relieved of logistical constraints
Creating an event is above all a job and it is not invented. Technical terms, knowledge of providers, price negotiation, detailed organization sometimes minute by minute. All of this represents a full-fledged job that companies can not always take on internally. The experience of the agency can manage your event without it being an additional burden for you.

6. You save time
Again, organizing an event is delegating someone to this task internally. However, as a rule these people also have other functions in the company and are quickly overwhelmed. Your event is behind schedule and you are entering a situation that creates extra stress at all levels.

7. Your budget is controlled
A business travel agency is able to create an event to your image within your budget constraints. With a good knowledge of market prices and greater bargaining power with suppliers, you are sure to have no surprises when paying the bill.

8. Your deadlines are respected
The agency creates a detailed schedule to facilitate the organization of your event. Thus, you do not have to worry about the payment dates of suppliers, deadlines for various answers, rentals to do upstream, others at the last moment, etc.

9. You make the most of your event
When performing your event, nothing is more frustrating than after so much preparation you can not enjoy it, because you are asked everywhere. By letting the agency be the reference to the different providers, you spend a serene evening knowing that the agency takes care of everything. You enjoy the place and your guests with confidence.

10. After the event, the agency will take care of everything
Once the event is over, the work is not finished. It is necessary to realize the invoices, to pay the service providers, to renegotiate if necessary and all this takes a lot of time. And especially energy, while the last resources have already been exhausted on D-Day for everything to go well.

Trust an agency is the guarantee of success of its event, guarantee of its quality and its monitoring, all without having the stress of the organizer but remaining the main decision maker!

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