You are currently viewing Sanbao Events, privileged actor of Business Tourism

Headquartered in Rue Ferrère in Bordeaux, Sanbao Events is an agency specializing in business tourism and events. Its status as a travel agency gives it great freedom of action, allowing it to organize projects abroad, while ensuring maximum security for its clients.

The job of Sanbao Events
A corporate event is an excellent means of communication for companies, both internally and externally, but it is also a very good promotional tool. By opting for an event, leaders ensure the creation and consolidation of the links between them, their associates and associates. The goal of the project can also be to strengthen the knowledge and confidence of their clients and partners. Thanks to a solid experience, the agency Sanbao Events has quickly become a key player for the organization of all corporate events.

The advantages of Sanbao Events
This agency shows great ingenuity and creativity, to offer you ever more surprising, attractive and effective events. Taking into account your needs, your corporate culture and your budget, it will identify the supports and activities that will ensure the best dissemination of your messages during your event, regardless of the place chosen and while respecting the local population.
It also provides you with its vast network of providers around the world, constantly enriched, as well as its in-depth knowledge of various destinations.

A unique project and a real support
To concoct a new and striking offer, the agency will set a goal to know your business at your fingertips. Then, it will deploy all its know-how to create an exclusive tailor-made offer corresponding to your wishes and requirements.
Sanbao Events manages your event in its entirety: Conception and recommendation, careful logistical organization with all the selected service providers, regular follow-up with you, realization of the communication supports, coordination and supervision in the field.

Finally, the agency is also responsible for post-event monitoring, the last key step in your project, allowing it to ensure your satisfaction and especially to renew and continuously improve your requirements.