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Taking a time out of the company between employees allows you to rethink working relationships and discover colleagues from another angle and then be more cooperative with them. Cohesion objective at the service of value creation.

Channel the emotion well, work better together
The incentive allows any organization to work on the collective and how to understand the team and its performance. This event for a better operationality of your teams can be done in small groups, from six people, or in larger groups to share a common culture. Sixty people can together experience strong emotions that will boost their performance for the months following business trips.

More listen, more energize the collective
Teamwork and efficiency improve the company’s performance and the well-being of every employee at the heart of the company. No overall performance without exchanges or business trips. Each team building prepares upstream. Depending on the message that leaders want to pass on to their employees, Sanbao Events suggests tailor-made offers. There are of course the traditional team buildings: treasure hunt, Olympiads, regattas, murder party … then the fashion of the culinary challenges has arrived and now the personal development is more than ever at the heart of the activities suggested by the agency. In general, in everyday life, opportunities to develop one’s creativity are scarce. The possibility of personal fulfillment is the prerequisite for professional fulfillment.

Boost your creativity
The leaders want more and more to give the chance to their collaborators to develop their creative potential. A place for new themes that are gaining more and more success: music and singing, cinema, theater, dance, painting, comics or magic. The most ambitious opt for a team building commando supervised by former military and sports coaches. The agency takes into account the expressed demand and the physical and cultural constraints of the incentive or team building participants.