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There are three main categories of business seminars with each of their own objectives.
So you have to choose the type of seminar you want to organize.
The work seminar makes it possible to group several employees to carry out training product, sales methods or management in order to be better qualified and efficient. It is often reserved for salespeople or managers and is perfectly suited to train and motivate the troops.
Team-building is a gathering seminar for employees from all walks of life, without notion of hierarchy. Its main objective is to strengthen inter-company cohesion and reinforce internal links for a general sharing around the same values of society.
Notably used to foster a sense of pride and belonging to a group.
The activity-relaxation seminar is no longer presented as a thank you gift made during the past year. Everyone finds himself in an informal setting, far from daily affairs for a good mood and relaxation, sometimes with working.

This type of seminar helps to relieve pressure and especially to retain its employees.
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