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If you want to get away from it in record time, Sanbao Events suggests you head for the Portuguese capital.

Proud of its seven hills, this “Girl of the Tagus” has kept a tasty mixture of art, culture, entertainment, pleasure and art of living. This modern capital offers a real plunge into the era of great discoveries and seduces by its many facets. “Lisa,” as her locals call her, is unconventionally beautiful.

Pastel-scarred pastel houses, unbridled nightlife reminiscent of Havana, blue waters, streetcars and bridge evoke San Francisco, chic shops and rehabilitated docks reminiscent of London, while its Alfama neighborhood boasts North African medina air.

What better way than to have the impression of traveling on several continents without ever leaving the city where you are? The Lisbon inhabitants, inhabitants of the city, present as many facets as the latter.

Lisbon is beautiful, but it is his personality that will seduce you with its warm welcome, its communicative energy and this element of surprise that awaits you everywhere. Lisbon is one of the few European capitals to be truly beachfront, having kept all the charm of the old town and the authenticity of its history.

We get a subtle blend of modernity and retro. The capital is built on seven hills; as many hills as neighborhoods inviting the walker to come get lost at the maze of its passages.

To discover all the beauties of the city, go to the heart of Lisbon, in the district of Baixa, which despite the earthquake of 1755 which destroyed everything in its path, managed to renovate very beautiful places as well as buildings dating from the eighteenth century.

In Chiado you will see the old-fashioned district and in Barrio Alto, a picturesque area, which overlooks Lisbon and where you can enjoy the active night life of the city. The melancholy of Fado, a traditional song, resonating in its bright white lanes, creates a bewitching contrast.

Thus Saint-Exupéry described Lisbon as a “kind of clear and sad paradise”.

During your journey in this charming city you must taste the traditional cuisine of the country and especially its flagship dish, cod. As it seems, more than 365 recipes are possible, enough to exalt your taste buds …

The Expo’98 shone on Lisbon, by opening the doors of its pavilions, the city projected around the world an image of Portugal resolutely open on the future and the progress. Here is a foretaste of what awaits you in Lisbon.

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