You are currently viewing The Arcachon basin, a world apart between land and sea

In January, Sanbao Events organized a rewarding stay in Arcachon for the 150 team leaders of a major company specializing in the cleanliness and hygiene of industrial and commercial sites.

The Bay of Arcachon is first and foremost an elsewhere: a “Far West”, a “Negro shore”, “landscapes of Texas”, “It’s like being in the first ages of the world”, wrote as follows Jean Cocteau.

And while the Basin has experienced evolutions and transformations since the 1920s, when the poet stayed there, it still appears to be out of time. Arcachon, famous seaside resort, frequented since the 19th century by the Bordeaux bourgeoisie, remains today a destination of choice.

Nestled in a basin dug in the Atlantic coast, the city is an ideal base for discovering the oyster farms and all the wild beauties of the region.

Here are the highlights of this reward stay:

– Discovery of the most beautiful landscapes and the most beautiful sites of the Bassin d’Arcachon aboard 3 private boats with guides: Ile aux Oiseaux, Cabanes Tchanquées, oyster beds (at low tide), peninsula of Cap Ferret and its villages , Dune du Pilat, Banc d’Arguin, Pyla coastline, Arcachon seafront.

– Tasting of oysters in the authentic oyster village of Canon, composed of a succession of brightly colored huts. For the oysters to exalt all their flavors, our participants enjoyed them accompanied by lemon, butter bread and with a glass of fresh white Bordeaux wine, all in the hut facing the pool.

– Lunch of fresh products at Cap Ferret in a restaurant with an exceptional view of the pond and the -Dune of Pilat.

– Gala dinner in the beautiful Ambassadors’ room, located on the seafront of Arcachon with prize giving and dancing until late at night. The Bassin d’Arcachon is a destination with many faces that will seduce you for the organization of your events and business seminars.

Do not hesitate to contact Sanbao Events: according to your specifications and your budget, we will send you a tailor-made offer.