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Why do we always want to go to the end of the world to find what is next to us? In this article we will show you the potential of our beautiful Europe through a calendar of major events taking place from January to December.


At the beginning of the month, the 6th to be precise is the feast of the Magi throughout Spain and Portugal. This celebration is very much anchored in both countries, the streets are crowded, everyone is present to attend the parade. Portuguese as Spanish would miss this event for nothing in the world!

Especially not the children who receive their Christmas presents brought by the wise men …


– In February there are many carnivals in Christian cities. This celebration is a traditional pagan festival where we eat and drink to celebrate the arrival of spring. Each city celebrates carnival in its own way, so you will have the choice between parades of floats and bacchanals of Patras in Greece, the solemn funeral of a sardine in Madrid, flower battles and bonfires in Nice and a Parade in traditional costumes on a Slovenian musical background at the carnival in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

– On a different note, the Berlinale Berlin is the unmissable event for film buffs and anyone interested in international cinema.

– Finally, in Lisbon, fans of fado gather around a festival entirely dedicated to this traditional dance of Portugal.


– In mid-March, St. Patrick brings together the Irish people. The opportunity to drink of course but also to attend many events such as fireworks, street theater, orchestras and parades!

– More in the South of Europe are held the Fallas de Valencia, in Spain which are as pleasing to young as to big. Large cardboard and wooden figurines are built especially for the occasion and parade through the city. When the parade is over and in the evening, all the figurines are burned at the same time on a gigantic wood that illuminates the entire city. A big fireworks comes to close the party.

– To conclude on the month of March, go to Sweden for the Vasaloppet which separates the best cross-country ski racers in the country.


– The Seville Fair, an opportunity to live the Spanish traditions as it should be. The program includes: parades of riders in traditional outfits, bullfights, guitars, castanets, wild dances, wine tastings and much more!

– In Latvia in Riga more exactly, you can attend the Baltic Ballet Festival

– Finally, Madeira pays homage to its flowers during a colorful festival where Funchal fills with floats decorated with thousands of floral compositions.


– Go to the Spanish capital for 9 days of celebration! During the festivities of San Isidro, there is something for everyone; concerts, theater, parades, fairs or even exhibitions … During the weekend the party continues even at night and has something to keep you awake! Every evening at 17h do not miss the bullfights in the bullring of Las Ventas.

– In the Greek capital this time, come and attend the Athens celebrations that pay homage to all forms of art such as music, theater or dance.


– Would you have thought that a samba carnival took place in Helsinki, Finland? And yes, every year the capital of the country warms by a few degrees to the rhythm of the wild dances and bright colors of Brazil. In total more than 1000 dancers are present to put your eyes on it!

– Back in France on the island of beauty, to attend the international jazz festival which takes place in Calvi.

– Notice to the literary, do you know James Joyce? One of the greatest novelists and Irish poets of the first part of the twentieth century. Through the Bloomsday Festival, his country pays tribute to him.


– The Salzburg Festival in Austria is one of the biggest European classical music events. You will have on the program concertos, ballets and operas.

– In France, the Avignon Festival is the biggest theatrical event in Europe. During this event you will have the chance to attend more than 950 shows.

– When in Bulgaria, she presents her festival of folklore in Veliko Tarnovo. This event is one of the most picturesque festivals in the country.

– A little further north in Croatia is the Dubrovnik Summer Festival, which is also the oldest and most famous Croatian event. Every year, it brings together the cream of the international musicians for exceptional concerts in the most beautiful places of the city.

– Also in Eastern Europe, Poland presents the Chopin International Festival with a rich program of concerts, piano recitals and chamber music, all given by internationally renowned orchestras.

– Finally, in Finland is held the Kotka Maritime Festival which should appeal to many water sports enthusiasts.


– During the last weekend of the month, the London district of Notting Hill ignites for its annual carnival. Created in the mid-1960s, this event with a strong Afro-Caribbean trend served as a means of expression for immigrants from Trinidad. As the years go by this event has been completely accepted by the whole population and today we can find a wider choice of music such as R & B, House but also Dub.

– Another film festival on the program but it has something special because it is the oldest in the world! Indeed the Venice Film Festival was created before the Cannes Film Festival in 1932 to be precise.
– For those with a little more eclectic tastes, the Helsinki festival will delight their expectations with concerts, exhibitions of contemporary art, plays, circus performances …
– If you want to be lulled by melodies of classical music, go to Krakow in Poland for open air concerts.
– We are finishing this month of August with Romania. Besides, do you really know this country? If this is not the case, enjoy the medieval days of Sighişoara that will tell you the country’s prestigious history through numerous re-enactments.

– Finally Marciac, a small village in the Gers of just 1,000 inhabitants, welcomes every summer and for 37 years the biggest names in Jazz! For 2 weeks, world famous artists such as Ibrahim Maalouf, Didier Lockwood, Stacy Kent, Thomas Dutronc or Winton Marsalis follow one another for your pleasure!


– Bloemencorso, the opportunity for the Netherlands to show their love for flowers! At this event the tanks and even the boats are decorated with thousands of flowers and parade in Amsterdam.

– Then come and attend the Helsinki Festival which is the largest in the country. Its program is varied, you will find exhibitions, concerts and dance shows among others.

– On the same principle, Lithuania proposes the Vilnius International Festival.

– If during your trip you are a little thirsty, do you quench your thirst at the Madeira Wine Festival, provided you do not drive again right after!
On the occasion of the beginning of the grape harvests, several tastings are put in place as well as visits of cellars and fairs.

– In the Estonian capital, Tallinn, we attend every year the prestigious international festival of sacred orthodox music.

– To close this month of September we offer a stopover in the capital of the Czech Republic, Prague where we pay tribute to the great composer of classical music Mozart.


– Beer lovers, you owe it to yourself to attend the biggest Oktoberfest Oktoberfest in Munich. The atmosphere is very friendly, admire the fanfare, enjoy your beer in a one-liter choppe sitting under a giant tent and watch roast a whole beef on the spit! Little anecdote, every year not far from 5 million liters of beer are consumed !!

– Have you always dreamed of visiting Denmark and especially its capital? An opportunity is waiting for you! During the Culture Night enjoy exhibitions and guided tours in the most prestigious places of Copenhagen.


– The Christmas market in Copenhagen is a little earlier than the others. Every year, it takes place in the Tivoli garden where many activities are organized. Miniature villages are also set up where you can taste the most famous Danish specialties.

– In Slovakia, Bratislava is the gathering of lovers of the 7th art with the international film festival whose specialty is to invite the rising stars of the big screen.


– The last month of the year is obviously dedicated to Christmas and this, throughout Europe. The most popular Christmas markets are often in the eastern countries: Prague, Vienna. In France it is Strasbourg which is the most. You can also admire life-size cribs, of all styles in churches and places in different cities. The Christmas Eve, you can go to Rome to receive a blessing from the Pope.

– For the New Year’s Eve, the event is well celebrated everywhere but if you go to Spain, the tradition is that 12 midnight strokes, we eat 12 grapes.

– Finally, in Corsica in Bocognano is held the chestnut fair which is one of the most popular festivals on the island.

Here’s what to plan your events for the year.