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Let yourself be won over by the exhilaration experienced by sailors from past centuries when boarding the Great Ships and ensuring the success of your incentive or public relations operations.

The asset of the prestige yachts is first and foremost the appearance of yachts of yesteryear, the charm of sailing with all modern comforts, the quality of services and their size “human”.

It is indeed not mandatory to charter to have the pleasure of sailing on an exceptional sailboat.

We can reserve up to forty homogeneous cabins aboard high-end ships with incomparable services. These mini dream cruises are the perfect program for a reward trip, dedicated to your employees for example or to the loyalty of your best customers.

A cruise is a multiplicity of stops to discover with a unique place of accommodation: your sailboat. It will offer you a unifying framework with all the dynamics and the discovery that offers a circuit on land with some disadvantages of logistics and less!

Contrary to popular belief that one is “locked up” on a boat, the cruise offers many opportunities to spend unforgettable moments: the navigation is mainly at night to fully enjoy full days on land:

– Nautical sports,

– Excursions,

– Meetings,

– Etc.

The shared moments on the boat are also emotional highlights. 3300 m² of sails unfold before your eyes, the sunsets and sunrises, the various arrivals in the ports are all shared moments unforgettable.

Not to mention that the boat has facilities and services of impeccable quality:

A piano bar,

A tropical bar,

A library, nothing is missing

You can even enjoy sports activities on board such as:

Ascent of the mast,


Free diving output,

And many others

Equipment (zodiacs, water skiing, windsurfing, sea kayaking, etc.) are available to passengers who request it whenever water activities are permitted. Customers are also assisted by the ship’s sports team.

Gourmets will also be delighted by the culinary refinement offered by chefs inspired by dishes from around the world. Their culinary creations are real pleasures for the eyes and the palate, all washed down with good wines. The service has this efficient and affable style that suits the great restaurants.

In addition, there is no need to apprehend the seasickness: the prestigious sailing boats are equipped with an anti-roll system, offering them an exceptional comfort to navigation and anchorage.

Some examples of programs:

Corsica & Sardinia from Rome

From Bordeaux, fly to Rome. After 1h30 of flight, leave 4 nights from 20 to 24 October 2015 to discover the eternal city through the Island of Beauty, the “Costa Smeralda” in Sardinia and the Island of Elba.

Croatia & Slovenia from Venice

Always leaving Bordeaux take off for Venice. After 1 hour and 40 minutes travel to meet this city, theater of multiple scenery, from 2 to 5 September 2015. The program of the cruise, discovery of Rovinj in Croatia located in the region of Istria, is one from the most beautiful cities of the Croatian coast and then come to visit Piran in Slovenia, the most picturesque village on the Adriatic coast.

Athens & Greek Islands

After a 3-hour flight from Bordeaux, here you are in Athens for a 4-night cruise from October 6 to 10, 2015. Visit the Acropolis, cradle of western civilization before boarding the ship in the port of Piraeus. You can then discover the temples of Mykonos and the typical narrow streets of Santorini. During these five days you will have plenty of time to admire the landscapes and the beauty of Cycladic scenery.

When the boat docked in a port, Sanbao Events will have set up a tailor-made program to suit your needs. If you wish to approach your stopovers from a gastronomic, cultural, recreational or sporting point of view we take care of all the logistics and the organization in adequacy with your wishes in order to guarantee you the moment of dream and escape that you hope! On a beach stopover at lunchtime and if you want a return to basics and simplicity we can, for example, organize a barbecue on the beach.

Feel more about the theme of your business trip. If you want a unique, memorable, upscale event where emotion, sharing, serenity and the human are at the heart of the project choose a mini-cruise on an exceptional sailboat! You will then have the chance to discover several destinations in a short time and freely! Sanbao Events will be your privileged partner to prepare and coordinate your stay in the best conditions and listening to your expectations.