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According to a recently published study on Viadeomag, only one in two employees say they are happy at work; 50% among women versus 47% among men. This data is fundamental for business leaders because, as we know, a successful employee within a company is a motivated employee and therefore more efficient in his work. But then how to make employees happy or give them that motivation and desire to work? According to this same study, the three criteria of well-being are the work (the mission provided to the employee), the remuneration but also the atmosphere in the professional structure. It is this last criterion to which the French attach more and more importance. 6 secrets to make your employees happier: An article published in February 2014 on Workopolis, gives us the 6 secrets to make its employees happier at work. An investment and a common goal: In first position we find the “goal” of the company. Employees want to feel invested and want to be full of the elements that the business leader must consult before making a decision. They want to be at the heart of the action and be aware of what is going on in their work structure in order to feel useful. Good relations between colleagues: Then comes the question of relations between colleagues. It is fundamental to get on well with your colleagues because you have to work constantly with them. You have to create links and put in place real communication. A stimulating job: In third place, we will talk about stimulating work. The routine greatly degrades the employees’ spirits. We must diversify the ways to do the maximum to continuously boost the motivation of employees. Outlook for the future: The next point is related to the previous one. These are the future prospects within the company. Every employee dreams of progressing professionally, climbing the hierarchy and gaining more responsibility. Reciprocal employer / employee trust: The penultimate point is mutual trust between employer and employee. Everyone must believe in others and communication is also important; if something is wrong the employer must inform his employee but he must also know how to compliment him when he has done a good job. A complimented employee will have more confidence and work better. Services offered to employees: Finally, the “beside” are also of great importance. This term refers to all the more that a company offers to its employees. As for example, a daycare for their children, a space where you can take a nap, a table tennis table or just a space to relax in a comfortable pouf for a reading break. Through all these data, we can easily see that it is very important for employees to work in a fulfilling environment. Event agencies are privileged interlocutors to constantly provide companies with new ideas in team building or incentive travel or reward. The importance of Team Building: The team building aims to create a cohesion and a real team spirit between the collaborators and this, outside the context of the company. It is through sports, cultural or artistic activities that employees team up and collaborate together without their work taking over fun and discovery. It is also a good opportunity for them to get to know each other outside of work far from the constraint imposed by the hierarchy in certain professions. For example, employees can set up a symphony orchestra or script and perform a magic show from A to Z. It’s through moments like this that everyone becomes aware of the importance of the other and to be welded. As Henry Ford put it, “getting together is a start, staying together is progress, working together is success.” Travel is also a good way to disorient its employees from the professional and to reduce the pressure for a week-end, a week in France and abroad.