Adventurer in the soul, you always want to go on a trip but you can not decide on the choice of your destination? Our beautiful planet has many wonderful places to take a breath away, but we’ve taken a look at some of the most spectacular places to visit at least once in a lifetime.

Machu Picchu

We begin our journey in Peru to admire the Machu Picchu, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This city dating from the fifteenth century and nestled at 2430 meters above sea level was only discovered in 1911 during an expedition. With an area of 325 square kilometers, archaeologists believe that about 1200 incas lived there. However, one still wonders nowadays how they made to refuel because the nearest village was miles away and bring large quantities of goods in this setting should not be easy.

Grand Canyon

In order to reach the next leg of our itinerary, we have to go up the continent to land in the United States where we take you to see the Grand Canyon! Admittedly, it is not the deepest in the world but it is undoubtedly the most spectacular from the view it offers. The latter is spread over nearly 450 kilometers long … This spectacle of nature is due to the phenomenon of erosion created by Colorado. The different layers attest to the passing of time and remind us that the history of this place, also listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, began 1.7 billion years ago. For those who like to talk about numbers, the canyon has an average depth of 1.3 kilometers with locations up to 2 kilometers (enough to get dizzy!).

Virgin Island of Whitsunday

Change of scenery and heading to Oceania to present you one of, if not the most beautiful beach in the world! We go to the virgin Whitsunday Island, which is only accessible by boat, to discover the famous Whitehaven Beach. Crystalline waters and a sand of rare purity because it is 98% silica, which gives it this bright white color. Also very fine he even used to make the lens of the Hubble telescope, incredible no? The fineness and composition of its grains make this sand does not retain heat, ideal for a walk on the beach when we know that temperatures can rise to 35 ° C.

Medieval town of Angkor Wat

See you now in Cambodia in the medieval town of Angkor Wat. Built in the 12th century by King Suryavarman II, the site was only discovered in 1860 by a French explorer. In some places, nature has completely regained its rights. Roots, trees and leaves are one with this incredible architecture known for its bas reliefs. You could almost believe yourself in one of Indiana Jones’s adventures! The irrigation system was also very sophisticated for the time. Today classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this archaeological park of 4,000 square meters welcomes close to 4,000 visitors a day, the equivalent of 1.6 million people a year! Some even call the place the eighth wonder of the world.

Perito Moreno

We are going now in a climate much less tropical than that of Cambodia since it is Patagonia. There we will admire one of the only glaciers which is not in regression but which on the contrary advance. Yes yes, he is moving forward and not a little! The equivalent of 2 meters per day is more than 700 meters per year. This famous glacier called Perito Moreno stretches as far as the eye can see for almost 5 kilometers and at a height of 70 meters. The color contrast between the blue of the glacier and the orange tones of the trees that surround it is breathtaking … Take advantage of this beautiful landscape to make a trek!