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What is Gypset?

Much more than a fad, the gypset attitude is a real art of living where discovery, optimism authenticity, nomadism and freedom are the key values.

Julia Chaplin, American quadra, globetrotter at heart, “travel-writer” for Vogue or the New York Times is the woman behind this determination born from the contraction of the words “gypsy” and “jet-set” .

This journalist travels the world in search of inspirations and addresses that can give rise to emotions and memories. It is thanks to her parents that she discovers a way of life moving from her youngest childhood. With her sister and her parents she never stayed more than two years in one place.

She was certainly the best placed to find a name for this new modern movement which is, in theory, an ideal mix between the nomadic lifestyle and the sophistication of the jet set. As we are more and more formatted to live in a sedentary way, the gypset current runs counter to a collective thought.

Individualism is not the key to movement but rather self-awareness and personal development. The purpose of these chic neo-hippie bohemians?

To be different and to be different, to be oneself.
To be gypset is to combine a cool chic style while avoiding crested and crowded places. Indeed, at the heart of this hippi-intellectual trend: sharing, simplicity and epicureanism. Emotions, the “feeling” as Julia Chaplin defines it, is the essential criterion, more than luxury. We will promote a beautiful chic cabin vector of emotions to a luxury palace and renowned, full of artifice and soulless.

A gypset tourism?
Yet traveling as a gypsy can be complicated!
Forget the traditional atlas and opt for word of mouth because the most popular places are secret!
Escape the ultra-marked capitals and discover terrestrial paradises offering a different view of the world. However, these intimate addresses change regularly and this is where the difficulty lies. Indeed, the evolution of tourism, the speed of exchanges in terms of communication and the influence of geopolitics imposes a constant upheaval of idyllic destinations.

Indeed, they often become very quickly either attractive places for mass tourism, or dangerous because of conflicts and an unstable global geopolitical climate. Tourism, fashion, nutrition, or literature: the gypset philosophy comes to infinity. This unconventional and bohemian approach to existence, in search of an exotic fashion accessible to all of us; still has good days in front of her.

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