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A lot of women’s networks have blossomed lately in the fluted capital … but who are these organizations? And what are they for? All women are concerned? So many answers to which we will hasten to answer!

Funny entrepreneurs from Aquitaine

This Bordeaux association, created in 2010 and which had at the end of 2013 nearly 170 members, aims to allow women self-entrepreneurs to share their professional experiences and by the same to develop their network through organized meetings. These meetings can take the form of creating workshops, discussion groups, breakfast or lunch debates, thematic evenings or even fun meetings. The only criteria for joining this association are to be a woman and run your own business. But beware ! Funny entrepreneurs also value entrepreneurial promotion. This means that every woman with a desire to become self-employed can join the association to receive advice and support from other members.

Women entrepreneurs (FCE)

Women entrepreneurs (CFE), which is much older than the previous association cited, since it was founded in 1945. This organization encourages women to get involved in the economic life of their region or country. Its geographical deployment is much more important than Funny entrepreneurs because it is both national and global. Indeed Women Entrepreneurs Worldwide (FCEM) brings together associations of various nationalities all with the same goal as FCE.

Force woman

The next organization present in Bordeaux, in addition to bringing together women self-entrepreneurs, helps a more specific category of women. These are women over 45 who wish to return to work after a pregnancy, a divorce, an accident of life or simply a dismissal. Force Femmes wishes to denounce two recurrent discriminations when a company recruits; sex and age. But how does the association work to reintegrate women into the labor market? Simply through CV writing workshops, a cover letter, exercises to control stress and skills assessments that sometimes lead to career reorientations.

Terra Femina

Before spreading to the network scale, Terra Fémina was above all a website gathering all kinds of information for women; economic and political news, fashion, astrology, beauty tips … The Bordeaux club has 215 members who meet during debates that cover mainly economic, political and sociological topics. Of course, as for the other organizations presented in this article, these groupings are also an opportunity to network and share experiences.

Business and Professional Women (BPW)

This is the second national and global association on our list. This organization created in 1919 in the United States had as initial ambition to give the right to women to get involved in political life (right to vote and right to stand for election). Eleven years later the first club is born in Paris and it is a great success since after one month BPW already counts 40 members and about 200 at the end of the first year. Nowadays, the association still campaigns for gender equality in a professional context, particularly through salaries.

Bordeaux Aquitaines Pionnières

This association offers personalized support to women who wish to embark on the adventure of entrepreneurship but also to those who are already there. Indeed it is through 4 different offers that the association coaches and assists working girls accomplished or to become. The first offer is for women who have a business idea but do not know where to start or what steps to take. The second offer is to accompany women who are in full administrative process for their project to succeed and can finally have a name. The third offer is dedicated to projects already launched. In this case Bordeaux Aquitaine Pionnières simply has the role of ensuring that the bases are solid and that the project develops properly. Finally the fourth and last offer is made for projects already running and independent. The association therefore offers an office as well as a network to the company manager.

The Connect

Connect is the last virtual and real network that has appeared in the great Bordeaux. The organization wants to change mentalities, give more space to women in society through an investment in economic life. True social network, you must create an account on the site of Connect to have access to all the events and activities organized within the association.

If you also have a profile that corresponds to the associations mentioned above and you want to meet and share your experiences with those of other business leaders, jump in and sign up! According to the testimonials of several members of different organizations, beyond the professional enrichment this experience can bring you a lot personally. Sharing, solidarity, family and friendship are all values ​​that members have discovered during their registration.