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Our reporter Samantha, native of Mauritius, wants to share with you “her Mauritius”.

Our reporter Samantha, native of Mauritius, wants to share with you “her Mauritius”.

Are you ready for a dive to discover this sparkling pearl of the Indian Ocean? Mauritius ? … Many in dreams for moments of relaxation on its paradisiac beaches. But Mauritius is also and above all authentic and wonderful encounters with the islanders, a contrast of colors and flavors, a mix of cultures and religions and a variety of fabulous landscapes – in short, a island charm crazy. Mauritians welcome you with open arms, happy to see new visitors and so proud of their little piece of land lost in the middle of the Indian Ocean. They transmit you their joy of life, their smile … and make your stay an unforgettable experience.

Multi-activity between land and sea

With its turquoise and translucent sea, its exceptional water temperature, its underwater wealth, Mauritius is the ideal place to practice all kinds of water activities: kitesurfing, walking underwater, diving, fishing Big game, water skiing, skydiving, but also sea trips to swim with dolphins or to dock small wild islets, all punctuated with lobster barbecues. To discover the earthly riches of this jewel of the Indian Ocean, nothing better than to visit La Reserve La Vanille, more commonly known as Crocodile Park, for a real immersion in a tropical forest.

A walk in the wilderness during which we cross crocodiles, bats, monkeys, iguanas, and more than 200 giant tortoises freed! In addition, there is a very nice restaurant in the reserve, where it is possible to have lunch and, for the more curious, to enjoy crocodile-based Mauritian specialties. Another nature reserve: the Casela Park. A walk in the middle of a luxuriant vegetation where a large variety of animals awaits you: lions, zebras, African antelopes, ostriches, exotic birds, lemurs …

And for thrill seekers, this park offers many activities, all in a dream setting, in contact with the fauna and flora: quad, zip line, hook-branches, segway, canyoning …

My must-haves

To live a unique experience “with Mauritian sauce” and keep the island of other images than those of postcards, we must dive into the heart of life on the island. Port-Louis, the capital, is an amazing city where modern infrastructures blend with colonial houses and old buildings. Mandatory passage for tourists wishing to immerse themselves in the Mauritian culture at the Central Market or popular with Mauritians, there are fruits, vegetables, spices and even medicinal plants to cure all kinds of ills.

Grand Bassin is the most sacred place of Mauritius, a place of pilgrimage for the Hindu Mauritians, who go there once a year in February or March on the occasion of Maha Shivatree (the night of Lord Shiva.

There are many Hindu temples and a gigantic statue of Shiva – the largest in the world. More than a spiritual place, it is a beautiful and very rich natural site! We can surprise the monkeys looted the offerings of the pilgrims. Mauritians often go there to pick guavas from China in the woods.

Gris Gris, to the south, is a part of the island that is not surrounded by coral reefs. The high waves break on the cliff and give the impression of a “Crying Rock”. Dangerous swimming but incredible views of the raging ocean – the perfect opportunity to take a breath of fresh air!

A tasty cuisine

The cuisine of Mauritius, combining exotic cuisine, Indian, Chinese and Creole, remains very little known to the public. And yet, it’s a real explosion of flavors in the mouth! In addition to the many restaurants that offer local and gastronomic cuisine, the streets of the island are full of street vendors who offer sweet or savory cakes that are loved by Mauritians: chilli cakes, samosas, eggplant fritters, candied fruit, accompanied pineapple salt and pepper … Delicious!

A must? – Dholl Puri – The must of Mauritian street food.

In Mauritius, it is consumed in the morning, at lunch or just when you have a little hollow and believe me, do not be fooled by appearances, because it really deserves to be tasted! On the occasion of a trip to the Central Market of Port-Louis, you can also enjoy a refreshing drink very popular with Mauritians, but also homemade ice cream.

Do not miss this gastronomy with a thousand and one flavors!

Green tourism in the heart of the island

Mauritius is not only sea, beach and sun. Nature lovers ? …

You’ll find your happiness !

In the highlands of the island, between fields of pineapple, fields of sugar cane and exotic fruits, there are natural treasures: The land of the seven colors, the waterfall of Chamarel, the tea plantations of Bois Chéri … trip to the south is to admire the most sumptuous landscapes of Mauritius – change inevitable! It is also in this idyllic setting that is located the rum Chamarel and tea factory Bois Chéri that can be visited.

Responsible tourism is growing more and more and the island offers today “green” excursions: hikes on the Thumb, the Pieter Both, the Piton of the Black River … or on the Morne Brabant, this imposing mountain with southwest, a symbol of slavery and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. And more !

In this same perspective of respect for the environment, we find in Chamarel a lodging / hotel which proposes 20 rooms of a great simplicity in a magic place – A haven of peace in full nature.

Quality services

Mauritius has a very wide range of hotels along the beach that are among the most luxurious in the world. Charming hotels, luxury hotels, villas there for all tastes and for all budgets.

As Mark Twain, an American writer, put it, “God first created Mauritius and then inspired it to create paradise. “

Ready for a journey filled with emotions, for a rewarding human adventure, for the discovery of natural treasures? …

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