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Adventurer in the soul, you always want to go on a trip but you can not decide on the choice of your destination? Our beautiful planet has many wonderful places to take a breath away, but we’ve taken a look at some of the most spectacular places to visit at least once in a lifetime.


The next place also offers a breathtaking view. For that direction to Europe, exactly in Norway. In the south west of the country is a cliff called Preikestolen which rises to 600 meters high overlooking the Lysefjord on which it is also possible to make cruises. This 600-square-meter plateau would have been formed 10,000 years ago at the time of the last ice age. It is thought that this place used to be a sacrificial place. Nowadays, the site collects 120,000 visitors a year and offers an ideal spot for base jumpers! A little reminder for those who do not know this discipline, queen of extreme sports. Much like skydiving, the difference is in jumps that are not from an airplane but from a fixed object; cliff, buildings, bridges etc.

Namib Desert

We are radically changing our landscape by exploring the Namib Desert in Namibia. With an area of more than 80,000 square kilometers, the oldest desert in the world is almost the same size as the United Arab Emirates. Its stretches of sand as far as the eye can see will give you the feeling of being lost in front of these huge dunes 300 meters high, the highest in the world. Despite its high aridity, the region is home to many animals such as oryx, antelopes, birds and lizards that move between dunes and dry lakes. The Namib also has 1500 kilometers of coastline that come alongside the Atlantic Ocean, but no swimming because the sharks are not far!

Great Wall of China

It’s time to tell you about the biggest construction man ever made, this is the Great Wall of China. This military building erected to protect the country against invaders is now estimated at 6,700 kilometers while its initial length was apparently 21 196 kilometers! With such numbers, you can well imagine that a monument of this magnitude was not built in a day, but would you have estimated its construction time to two millennia? Indeed, begun in the third century BC, the structure was completed in the seventeenth century. It is estimated that this UNESCO heritage monument has killed 10 million workers during the works.

Salar of Uyuni

square meters, it is the largest in the world. Formerly covered by the prehistoric salt lake Lago Minchin, it is thanks to the latter and its evaporation that this desert was born leaving behind an impressive amount of salt. Indeed the salt thickness is from 2 to 120 meters! In addition to being a tourist place, this giant salt represents 50 to 70% of the natural resources of lithium on the planet. If you want to discover this incredible place, you can sleep in the Palacio de Sal, a hotel made entirely of blocks of salt, furniture included!

Perito Moreno

Finally, our journey ends where we started, namely in South America. We take you to see the largest waterfalls in the world in the middle of the Venezuelan forest. Their name ? Salto Angel with 979 meters of height … They owe their name to the American aviator Jimmy Angel who discovered them in 1933. He wanted to land on the plateau from which the watercourse began its fall but missed his landing and his plane remained bogged down 33 years. The explorer survived and put 11 days before joining the civilization. Since then, the plane has been renovated and is exposed at Ciudad Bolívar airport. A replica was installed at the top of the falls.

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