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Transforming projects into reality is what Sanbao Events does every day. And if we went a little further? Today the agency also wants to realize dreams … Those seriously ill children, for whom these moments are privileged moments of happiness. Solidarity, sharing, surpassing oneself are all values ​​that are important to us and that we wish to put at the service of the Aladin 33 association.

The Aladin association 33

For years, Aladin 33 has allowed children with serious illnesses to realize their greatest wish to make their families and their lives live adventures they will never forget … Go to Disneyland Paris, meet their idol or the French football team, swimming with dolphins … so many children’s dreams are still waiting to come true and that’s why the association needs you! Aladin 33 also works to improve the living conditions in the hospital for families who come sometimes several times a day.

Our actions for the Aladin 33 association

By working with us for your business trips, your incentives or for all kinds of events, you sponsor a dream and you allow a sum of your choice to be donated to the association.

Of course there are many other associations that need our support and that according to your convictions, your corporate image, will allow you to give your own meaning to your actions.

If you too wish to fulfill the dream of a sick child, visit the website Sanbao Events and Aladin 33.

For Sanbao Events, every dream is important … And what is yours?