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Did you often say hello to flying planes when you were little? And you were dreaming of distant destinations to which he was taking his passengers?

But that was before ! Many applications have since bloomed on your smartphones, to allow you to finally have the answers to your dreams!

Flight radar: follow the position of the planes

The most famous of these, Flight Radar 24, tells you the position of all planes flying over Europe, as well as in the Eastern United States, Russia, Japan, the Middle East and in part of Southeast Asia. You can of course follow their flight information: company, flight number, speed, altitude, model of the aircraft, place of departure and destination!

Boat tracker: follow the position of the boats

The same kind of application is also developing for marine navigation. This is how Boat Tracker allows you to track the boat trip, sorted by type. A fun way to be aware of the traffic and discover which is the next ship that will call at the nearest port of your home.

Useful apps for the business traveler!

Beyond the gadget side that can have this new toy for the curious, this application has a real interest for the organizer of business trips!

Imagine that you have to welcome customers to the airport, this application allows you to know precisely and in real time whether their plane took off on time or not. If this is not the case, the take-off time is indicated as well as the new landing time which takes into account the delay.

Thanks to such a tool, it is a considerable saving of time and stress saved to orchestrate arrivals and transfers receptions.

With such a tool, it is a considerable time saving and stress saved to orchestrate receptions arrivals and transfers.