The charm of Corsica off season

October 2018
4 days

At the end of the season, the Island of Beauty is no less pleasant … Even for small groups of twenty people, we are committed to taking our customers to magical places, hidden treasures and guarantee them the exclusivity of these places.
Corsica has so much to offer and we have done our utmost to help our customers discover the best of the destination:
– 5* hotel by the sea with breathtaking views of Ajaccio Bay and the Sanguinaires Islands
– Morning in semi rigid boat to enjoy the island from the sea and ask yourself … if you are not
in Seychelles by seeing the sight of the rocks that stand in front of you
– Local lunch at the market for the best Corsican specialties and lunch in an exceptional setting
exceptional, an air of “end of the world” where sea and maquis become one, symbolizing
the very nature of Corsica
-Afternoon lazing on the boat or more sports on the jets skis around the islands
-Intimate dinners to feast on seafood like lobster or discover a
charming restaurant nestled in the heart of a creek
-Then visit a vineyard and discover the Corsican vineyard through a tasting
of wines before taking the plane …