The adventurers of Escapa-Lanta

May 2014
2 days

Disorienting a group from a major brand of alcoholic beverage for a weekend near Bordeaux? Bet held for Sanbao Events, in the heart of Gers!

Our 30 guests have visited an isolated area in an unusual setting out of the ordinary, in the heart of the Gers hills, in the middle of horses … And trailers!

It is therefore under the sign of nature that our participants participated in a weekend full of challenges, mutual aid and competition!

It is indeed a real team-building of adventurers who waited for our “tribe” during a whole afternoon: treasure hunt to find the lost “totem”, shot biathlon, construction of tools to fish in the splendid lake of the domain, construction of a raft of survival and crossing in team to finish with a tasting of insects!

The challenge tempts you? Our participants have taken them up brilliantly, like true adventurers!

But of course after the effort a little comfort!

Our guests were able to enjoy an African dance animation, where everyone indulged in a choreography to the rhythm of percussion.

Around a friendly barbecue, the group was then able to enjoy the beauty of the estate, and the evening continued on a dance floor led by our DJ!

This unusual and peaceful environment allowed all participants to rest, relax, discover themselves differently and enjoy a unique place in the heart of the Gers.

Do you want to go green too ? Change of scenery and rest assured, with more varied and unusual activities! Do not hesitate to contact Sanbao Events.